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Moving SQL Server 2000 diagram to Sql Server 2005

Hi Folks I have restore 2000 database backup into 2005 but no diagrams shifted. How can move diagrams from 2000 database to database 2005? Thanks,
Database diagrams and backup and restore history are not moved if you follow the steps in this article. If you must move this information, move the msdb system database. For information about how to move the msdb database, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles referenced in the "Step 1: How to Move User Databases" section of this article. If you move the msdb database, you do not have to follow Step 4: How to Move Jobs, Alerts and Operators" or "Step 5: How to Move DTS Packages." —————————————-
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Thanks Dinesh I have found the following thread in forum and it is very useful. I used the suggests and worked out the situation…