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Hi Guys: Would like to know whether MS Access supports multiple users at the same time. Can more than one user access the same database (like SQL Server) at the same time. Or can they access a similar application running on the internet using access db, at the same time and do multiple operations on the db? regards: yogesh
As far I know there is no problem.
Better if use SQL server as database.
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Yes multiple users can connect to MS Access database but I think there is a limit for this, and more connected will have adverse performance affects. The main disadvantage with Access is that the Jet database engine employs a desktop, not client-server architecture. Jet’s effectiveness as a database breaks down when it grows in size and/or concurrent users. It also lacks mission-critical security and data recovery capabilities. -Concurrent users, performance.
The maximum database size of MS-Access is about 1/2 to 2 GB. The practical number of concurrent users depends on database size. Network and application performance decreases substantially as the number of concurrent users increase. -Security
Jet does not enforce or override server-based security. Beyond the initial connection-time login, Jet remains strictly ignorant of server security. Security violations attempted by Jet queries done in support of some operations (such as illegal updates) will bring up dialog boxes with server-specific error messages. Then coming to features comparision between MS Access and SQL 2K refer to this link HTH
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I would recommend using MSDE in place of MS Access as the database as the former is scalable and provides almost all the features of SQL Server. Gaurav
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