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MS Access triggers

Hello I’m familiar with triggers in the MS SQL, However I need to write triggers or the MS Access, and I don’t have an idea where to strat and to write triggers for it.
Can anyone provide me with a start up to this
Mosh mosh
There are no triggers in MSACCESS for relevancy. Satya SKJ
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From Triggers ——————————————————————————– In SQL Server, triggers allow you to perform operations in response to certain events without slowing down the calling application. For example, you could have SQL Mail send you an e-mail after every five inserts to the ORDERS table where the order total is greater than $50. With Access, you would have to create a table, store a count for the number of times such an insert occurs, and code the application to send mail at insert time (which slows down the application itself). Not the prettiest solution.