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We have a cluster environment of 3 nodes. I have received this request from developers relating to a issues and also proposed changes for this. Just want to check whether this is the right solution to this. Request from Developer is highlighted in Red below. My questions on this are
  • Is this the right way to resolve this issue

  • Is there any issues or risk when we re configure MSDTC in cluster environment
  • What are the consideration before reconfiguring MSDTC
  • Devolper recomendation Details: The Web service Mailbrain used for generating orders has a bug in it related around transactions and thread abort exceptions. To fix this bug its recemnded by Microsoft to use DIstributed Transactions instead of Light weight transactions which has proven to work during dev and initial testing. However Distributed transactions only work if we reconfigure the servers involved in transactions. it is the recommendation to reconfigure MS DTC on both servers to allow remote transactions. Current Functionality: By default MS-DTC is configured only to allow local Distributed transactions and this is the current setup on live servers. Proposed Changes: Reconfigure MSDTC on server to allow inbound and outbound communication between each other based on recemendation of Microsft article given below

Hi GROUP, Any update on this would be highly appreciated thanks
See your old post and follow as suggested. Satya SKJ
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