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MS SQL licenses vs connections

What is the relationship between the number of licenses a MS Sql server has and the number of connections available? If the server only has 10 licenses, does that mean that only 10 different users can log on at one time? Also, what is the best way to see how many people are connected in at any particular time? Thanks
Tom <><< Tom Laurie
CIS Professor
NH Technical Institute
Licensing depends on the version of SQL Server you have. As this is a complicated subject (rules vary from user to user somewhat) you will want to check with Microsoft to be sure what the rules are in your particular case. But in essence, there is no relationship between users and connections. This is because more than one user can use the same connection, and one user can have multiple connections open. In SQL Server 2000, you can license essentially two ways, either by individual user, or by processor (with unlimited users). It is not always obvious which option is less expensive, it depends on your particular circumstances.
Brad M. McGehee
About licensing as Brad explained this is somewhat never ending process by Microsoft which keeps on changing on release to release. You can use SP_WHO to see what processes and users are connected to the server for each database.
REfer to books online for more information. HTH Satya SKJ