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MS Sql Server Error

I am getting weird error with sql server express. Here are details from the log: Event Type:Failure Audit
Event Category:(4)
Event ID:18456
Login failed for user ‘sa’. [CLIENT:] I tried to ping the IP address shown in the error log, but the request times out. It is not our IP address. I wonder how to solve this problem as the event is firing few times a second and bloting the error file.
1). is your network on DHCP enabled !
2). does your SQL Server have access for INTERNET / outside Network !??
3). Ensure firewall is setup properly , have you check cross check with Network Support Team at your end !!! Regards
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3. I do not run a firewall. Did the checks and ISP’s Router is blocking everything apart from neccessery ports. I actually have 2 services running on my server. One is MSSQL Server and the other is SQLSERVER Express.
I stoped MSSQL SERVER Service and the problem has stopped. There is no problem with accessing databases.
Im not really sure why you think this error is strange.
Youre running an SQL Server without a firewall, live on the internet ? I would expect to see a lot of login failures from various worms and hackers scanning for vulnerable machines (including slammer worm)
Refer to this fyi. Satya SKJ
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