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MSA30 DB Proper config

First. I am trying to improve performance of my employers SQL server. I have worked with my boss who knows about the same as me to optimize the server based on books and online help. This seems to be the place to get some answers to questions that have been bothering me. The following is the current config
1. 1 DL 585
2. 1 6404 controller
3. 1 6402 controller.
4. 3 MSA30 completely populated with 36GB 15K. We currently have one file group for a main table (61GB) and a separate FG for its Indexes(61GB). Other tables are "grouped" into misc file groups according to the classification of the table.
The total size of the DB is 611GB used.
Also we are currently splitting the files from each file group onto different arrays.
I was thinking that each MSA 30 should have 2 arrays of equal size to maximize performance as they are currently one array per MSA30. I cannot find the level of detail of exactly how the MSA30’s work or the 6402 so I don#%92t know which is better. My boss will purchase a second 6402 and a 4th MSA30 if needed. Thanks for you help. Scott Champion
i mention this on the second page of the top post i will elaborate more later
on each MSA, make 2 x 7 disks arrays/LUNs, for a total of 6 LUNs on the 2 MSA30’s on each LUN make 4 partitions
each file group (big table, big index, others) will be comprised of 6 files, on each LUN
the big table data should go on the first partition of each LUN
probably indexes on second
FG for other tables on 3rd,
4th is for backups etc
if the log is not somewhere else, use 1 LUN for the log, in which each FG is split in 5 files
Joe, Thanks for the reply. Regarding the log file. Are you sugesting that 5 of the six arrays used for data and the sixth used for Log?
Also, this does not address the location of the tempDB. Is there a guide line for the location and or spread of the TempDB? Again thanks for your time with this. Scott Champion
i assume you will put the log some where,
i did say if the log is not somewhere else temp db goes with data,
ie, split into 5-6 files