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MSDE 2000 on Windows 2003

i have a MSDE 2000 installed on the Windows 2003.
i use Enterpise Manager connect to it.
only name pipe(Local server) can find the server. but i need to use TCP/IP register the server.
it give me an error "sql server does not exist or access denied. connectionopen(connect())" please help!
First of all apply SP3 to MSDE 2000. _________
Satya SKJ

thanks satya.
sp3 was installed already.
and i checked the server network utility. the tcp/ip already enabled.
i think might need to setup security on windows 2003 server.? i dont’ know how…
bcoz i tried to install msde2000 on windows 2000 server. everything is working proper.
Use Client network utility to define TCP/IP as another netlib. _________
Satya SKJ