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Hi, I wonder if any of you have managed to install Service Pack 3 for a MSDE 2000 installation? After several reinstallations it always ends up with the following error when I try to install SP3 for desktop. "The instance name specified is invalid"
I use Windows 2000 WS, MSDE 2000 (sqlrun1.msi) and SP3 for desktop. Any ideas?

I believe this is a documented issue dealt with in the readme for sp3. I’ve found quite a few queries exactly like yours just from searching the net. This site has more info, including how to tell if your app can support the sp3, how to install it for your specific setup etc.;en-us;815013 Also check out this link which points to someone asking the same question as you and the quick solution. chris
Great, So it wasn´t harder than that. Thank you Chris.