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MSDE DTS in SQL 2005 Express

Hi, I have a DTS package I use in MSDE to roll ODBC data source data into a MSDE SQL database. It appears DTS and it’s replacement, SSIS in not part of the SLQ 2005 Express packge. Any ideas on how to provide the same capiblity of moving bulk ODBC connection data into a SQL 2005 Express database? My process is to truncate the tables and re-insert the new data. (I prefer off the shelf tools as opposed to custom programmed applications) Thanks… -Mark-
SQL Server Integration Services, the replacement for Data Transformation Services (DTS), is installed side by side with DTS. You can run DTS packages using the DTS runtime components. I think DTS packages from SQL 2000 will continue to run if they are copied to SQL2005 server – but I have not tried this yet. DTS packages from SQL 2000 are under:- Management/Legacy They are created in Business Intelligence Development Studio (Search for Business Intelligence Development Studio in Books on-line). Satya SKJ
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Hi Satya, Thanks for your feedback. I think the my problem is SQL 2005 Express edition does not install or support SSIS. In everything I have seen on Microsoft’s site, Express edition only uses BCP for moving data into a SQL database. I have not seen anything to indicate that SSIS can be installed stand alone with the Express version of SQL 2005. If I’m interpeting MS website correctly, the Work Group edition and above do have support for SSIS and backwards compatibility for DTS. Thanks… -Mark-