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MSDE SP4 issues

I’m doing some test on applying SP4 on MSDE. I’ve installed a clean Win 2003 Server Standard Edition. On that I installed a default instance of MSDE 2000 Release A. All works fine but then I try to apply SP4 on the MSDE install I get the error: "Unable to run the script files". Checking the eventlog I see that the SQL Service has failed to start up. So it’s no wonder that the scripts failed. The reason it doesn’t start up is this: "17113 :
initconfig: Error 3(The system cannot find the path specified.) opening ‘E:mssqldataMSSQLdataMSSQLDatamaster.mdf’ for configuration information." For some reason multiple mssqldata has been added to the path so it is of course wrong. Where does SQL Server get the path information from. I though it was in the registry key HKLMsoftwareMicrosoftMSSQLServerSetupSQLDataRoot but it does not contain such a long path. No additional info is found in the Service Pack verbose log. Any ideas (except reinstalling again)?
It’s funny how sometimes by just writing down your question you find the answer <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;)‘ /><br /><br />The path info is stored in:<br />HKLMsoftwareMicrosoftMSSQLServerMSSQLServerParametersSQLArgX<br /><br />Here the path is messed up. I still don’t know why the service pack gets this wrong but at least I can correct it manually.
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