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Multilingual Table in SQL Server

How can i create a table to stored ErrorMessage in different langauges. Take an example i have error message in different language like in Chinese Mandarin. I want to save error message in Error table in English as well Chinese Mandarin. How can i achieve the same. I have created table as below.<br /><br />CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Error](<br />[message_id] [int] NOT NULL,<br />[ErrorMessage] [nvarchar](204<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-11.gif’ alt=’8)’ /> COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL<br />) ON [PRIMARY]<br /><br /><br />But whenever i am storing Chinese Mandarin data in above table it is display "???????" i am not sure why this is happening.<br /><br />Thanks and Regards<br />Ravi K
You can specify chinese collation for the column itself since SQL 2000, refer to books online for more information and also on storing UTF data. Satya SKJ
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Hi Satya, Thanks for your reply. My requirement to store both english as well Chinese Mandarin on the same. It is similar like replicating sys.messages table. Thanks and Regards
Ravi K
Also check the "font" that is used in your application to show the results. Not all fonts include Chinese characters, and might show you a ? instead. From what I’ve seen, fonts that do include Chinese characters, also include the Roman characters that you need for English.