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multiple instances of sql on one box

I have two db’s on one server, archive db and production db. Right now the reports are hitting the archive db and slowing down the productions db. If I install another instance of SQL on the same server, will I solve my problem. I would have the production db be in one instance, and the archive db be in the other instance. Let me know what you think. I know that moving the archive db to another server would be much better, but that isn’t an option right now due to costs. Thanks for your help, Ben
I don´t think you get more performance with two instances in same box.
I think is better one instance with 2 databases than 2 instances 1 database each.
Luis Martin
Seconding to what Kuis suggested, having two instances will not help if system is runnin low on resources. If it is not running low on reources, further investigation in configuration may be required. Gaurav
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Better to increase the physical resources on the server to attain the performance as suggested by Luis & Gaurav. And in any case if the production database is critical then always treat to differentiate archive/reporting database on other server, another good practice. BTW, post details of the H/w and database sizes. Satya SKJ
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