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Multiple language Collation/Code Page problem

Hello, We have a SQL Server that was installed with the default collation for the US (Latin1_General_CI_AS_WI_52_1252). We use a CRM application and have many international users (mostly Latin America and Western Europe) and so far this collation has worked well, however, we are going to be adding Russian and Asian users soon. I’m assuming this will require the use of a double-byte character set. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can implement the new Russian and Asian users? Will we need to switch collations? If so, which one should we use and what is the best way to make the transition? Thank you, Jon
other than the collation you need to have nvarchar,nchar,ntext filed instead of varchar,char,text nvarchar.nchar maximum length is 4000 not 8000 all you can use SET Language , see all the languages which you can set
select * from master..syslanguages
Thank you for the response. Can we just switch the databse to a Cyrillic code page (1251) and still be compatible with all of our current US, Latin, and Western European users? I’m not sure we can use Unicode because of the restrictions we have with our application.

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