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multiple values when exec sp

how can I insert multiple values when i EXE sp.
like say if i execute sp test
exec test 1
i want to insert multiple values for the same field when i exec test? Thanks!
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I mean I want to give diff values for a parameter at one time when executing can i do tht Thanks!
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When you execute a stored procedure, you either have to declare a cursor that goes and fetches items from a table and manipulates it accordingly. You can also create a counter that gets incremented within a while loop, but it really depends on your needs. Keep in mind that stored procedures are mere T-SQL statements put together. – Tahsin
You can take help of dynamic SQL also here. Satya SKJ
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You can also use a permanent staging table, where you insert the values, then you let the stored procedure pick up the values from that table. Make sure you have a some sort of session identifier to keep things tidy when the procedure is executed from parallel connections, plus a clean-up routine.
you can also consider CSV exec test ‘1,3,4,7’ ——
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