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Named Pipes/TCPIP

Win 2000 Advanced Server
SQL 2000 Enterprise My above server is running Named Pipes and TCPIP. Some machines connect with Named Pipes and some connect as TCPIP. The Named Pipes run much slower than TCPIP. Here’s my question. If I remove the Named Pipes protocol from the list, will all users connect through TCPIP? I don’t know if I remember is correctly or not, but isn’t Named Pipes a protocol that was used for Win95 users connecting to SQL Server back in the 6.5 days? Live to Throw
Throw to Live
Yes when using SQL 6.5 Named pipes was not available by default and you must select as an additional protocol. From SQL 7 onwards it is a default netlib and if you want to work with TCP/IP from all clients then ensure to manage the same on server side and client side too. On server networkt uility ensure this is marked and restart SQL server services to take the effect of new settings. From the client side ensure they are ALIASing the server with TCP/IP as a protocol. Satya SKJ
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