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Naming data files

I have a doubt on database files naming. These databases were created by some other guy whose is not working now and I wud like to know the reason behind naming this database files in such a way, is there any advantage? I have 2 databases namely
1.padot (padot.mdf, padot_ext_data.ndf, phhs_data_ext.ndf) 2.phhs (padot_data_ext.mdf, phhs.ndf, phhs_data_ext2.ndf, phhs_data_extension.ndf) You can observe the names of ndf files, why does some of the names look like same,will there be any interconnection between these 2 database,is there any affect on the database when working on the other. This may look silly but I am bit confused with names, can any one has any idea? Thanks!
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When you create a new extension of database, SQL for convention use ndf instead mdf.
Is not important. May the guy before confuse one database with other, that’s why: 1. padot (……..phhs_data_ext.ndf) has similar names than
2. phhs (padot_data_ext.mdf) Any extention should begin with same name than database name, just for good pratices.
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SQL server treates phhs.ndf, phhs_data_ext2.ndf, phhs_data_extension.ndf as a seperate files and you can have many number of .NDF files which are treated as secondary data files. Satya SKJ
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Don’t worry. Although this naming looks a little bit strange, you don’t have to fear any interconnection between both databases. A database file ALWAYS belongs to just one database. They cannot be shared. to me this looks like someone RESTOREd a backup under a different name.

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