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Anyone out there running on a NAS device? If you have an opinion on running SQL 2K EE / W2K3 EE on a NAS, I’d be interested to hear it. We are currently deployed on one, and I’ve heard a lot of conflicting arguments about whether this is a good idea or not.

We have had few segment issues on SQL Server running on NAS device and it found to be faulty disk controller and incorrect BIOS settings, which was fixed at a later stage. You should pinpoint the correct AWE configuration in order to overcome certain issues if too much memory is allocated to SQL Server. Refer to this KBA;en-us;304261 about verified HCL for NAS devices. HTH Satya SKJ
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Microsoft have in the past changed their opinion on support of this kind of set up. With W2K3 they do now support it again. I’ve not actually had a production system running on the NAS, as it is still seens as too big a risk with the database accessed from the SQL Server over the network… I don;t know if that is a valid concern though… Twan
I ran several databases on a NAS for a couple years. We didn’t have any issues with it. We were running SQL 2K EE / W2K EE.
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