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Need help with finding failed RAID drive

I know this is a very novice question but I am stuck here with no IT group to help. We have windows 2003 Server and a drive has failed in the RAID. How do I find out which one?
before attempting to find the failed raid drive in an array
i would VERY STRONGLY SUGGEST (if not demand) that you
1) a full backup on all critical data, verify the ability to restore on another system
2) call the hardware vendor and have them send a rep to do the failed drive change this is from seeing other people with little HW experience try to change raid drives
I wish I could call in the hardware guy….. it is me. Any idea how to find the bad HDD?
By any chance is this an external drive? If so, there should be a light to indicate a problem. Perhaps a red light, an X, or maybe a missing/blinking light.

i mean call the vendor support rep, do not touch the hw
pay what ever the charge is for some one to come out and replace it