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need info for hardware for MSSQL DB

hello all
im new in the forum and i need elp for hardware for a new MS_SQL 2000 for a small company; and i really need some help i need a list of hardware, cpu, amount of HDD , is it raid 0+1,5 the basic info that i got is like that in 4 hours the system need to work with 2.5 million transaction that make a total load of 60 million transaction a day clients – 10,000 DBA data 500GB
log – small system- windows 2003
SQL = sql 2003 enterprise
i dont need a cray 2 computer i hope for that and any info or direction will be apriciated. thanks alot
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thanks for the answer, but still for a large amount of DB i need some one that work with that kind of large DB and what kind of hardware does he have??

Nice. This is a "small company"???? To get you started, go to and They both have sizing wizards if you look under the server area. You can pick SQL Server server and go from there. It’s almost impossible to price a computer with what you just gave us. What’s the read/write ratio? When do most of the transactions occur? How bad is the code written? How normalized is the database? DSS, OLTP?? Concurrent connections? 2.5 million t/4 hr isn’t really that high in a heavy-read environment. That’s about 180/sec. We do 300-400 with peaks of 1000-1400 and we are heavier read than write. Having said that, things like cursors, bad table design, heavy analytics processing, etc would really throw a wrench into that. You probably want to look at a clustered 4 or 8 way server solution on a SAN such as an EMC Clariion or Hitachi. For an active/passive 4-processor cluster on a CX600 you would be looking at about 150,000 – 200,000. For an active/passive 8-processor cluster with log shipping and replication you could be looking at up to 750,000. The 8-processor server are probably overkill in this environment. It really just depends what you want. The biggest things you’ll need for this are: 1. Memory. Get as much as you can afford.
2. Disks IO.
—-Get a SAN with fiber drives. Don’t go cheap and end up with a bottleneck you can’t get rid of.
—-RAID 10 on Transaction logs.
—-Spread it across as many disks as you can.
3. Processors. Parallelism and brute force. There’s something to be said for it. Before you do anything, get a good hardware person who knows SQL and can look at what’s really there to provide a solution. You are going to spend some money here. Do it right. Also consider buying expandable hardware. Most SAN solutions and server have expandability now that is a much underrated feature. An EMC SAN can be purchased as a CX300 for example and expanded to a CX900. The jump is incredible in performance (and cost). I buy 8 and 4 processor server many times with half the processors. I can easily expand them in our business which is growing very rapidly. An 8-processor box with 4 processors is not that much more than a 4-processor box. MeanOldDBA
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thanks for the answer, i will go searching the site