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Need Input Please…New SQL 2000 Install Questions

I am currently supporting 32 sites running their own dedicated SQL 2000 Standard Servers with a training database / application located at their site. We are in the process of consolidating all 32 databases to a single server located in a central datacenter. So here’s the question, I plan on installing these on W2k3 Enterprise with SQL 2000 Enterprise with 4 Processors but I’m not sure how much RAM will be required. I figure the above operating system will allow me to start with a small amount of ram (4-6GB)and add more if needed. All databases are less than 2gb. The dedicated servers now have anywhere from 2-3gb of RAM each running NT4 / W2k Server or W23k Server Standard, all have SQL 2000 Standard so I’m looking for suggestions for required/suggested ram configurations. The application is web based .NET These are training databases so they are not particularly big and they tend to grow about 150mb per year. With a fairly small amount of activity throughout the year. Our vendor is suggesting that we go to Oracle running on a Unix box, I just don’t see this as that big of a deal. I know the vendors solution will work but it sure seems like overkill. I would like to keep the purchase / support cost down if possible. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks
Just to start, try to find total SQL memory on each actual server. The idea is to know if SQL is using all memory in each installation.
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