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Need Query For Backup Information

Hi All, I am very much new to SQL Server and I need the solution for given below problem. How Could I check the Backup_Location, & Backup_Method using quqry analyzer? Backup method like is there a script, or the backup is part of the maintenance plan
Backup_Location like D:MSSQLBackup
Also, I have to check the frequency of the transaction lob and full database backups. Thanks in Advance. Waiting for the reply. Rahul
Query analyser in in SQL Server 2000, So I think you are refering to SQL Server 2000. Check these system tables
dbo.backupmediafamily —————————————-
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Actually there is 100 of servers on which I need to run this query and submit the report, So I need a one shot query for every server.
Check the script from the following link…
I did not find any script over there..please help me
You have to be a member there to see scripts! PLEASE give credit back to the author of this script if you redistribute it!! Wes Script Library
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Server Backup History Report (updated 2006-04-11)
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By: ivery
Server Backup History Report (Full DB Backups only) 1. lists all databases with no backup history 2. lists last backup for other databases includes Date, User, Size, Duration, Age, Finish Date & Location Includes system databases Excludes TempDB Excludes backup history data where backupmediafamily.device_type = 7 these are typically created by Veritas BackupExec Tested on SQL Server 2000 (SP3) Brett Ivery 24/03/2006 created 11/04/2006 added file existence check

The forum here won’t post a reply with the actual code you will need to sign up for an account at to get the script. Wes