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Need solution for that situation?

I have a situation where I have to take decision: We have different web applications let say 4, running on different web servers and on different database SQL Server 2000 with separate databases. Now, we want to merge them into one big web application, which would invoke other 4 applications. We have few constraints: 1-We want to do it in minimum time
2-We want to use same database structure as different application have right now
3-Login into one big application would login into all four applications Now, I have to find a design solution for database which supports this situation. So, what would be the best solution in that condition, assume we have: Application 01 running on Server 01 – Database 01
Application 02 running on Server 02 – Database 02
Application 03 running on Server 03 – Database 03
Application 04 running on Server 04 – Database 04 My Proposed Solution 01:
1-Create all the databases 1,2,3,4 structure on a new Server 05
2-Create a master database which will contain the main subscriber information/security/login info
3-Login info should be saved into all database to keep it same Would you comments on it with respect to performance and suggest me a better way to get that goal. Thanks.
Essa, M. Mughal
Software Engineer

Thats good to have a centralized dbserver which can contain all database. but do all 4 applicaitons require same security settings also if db server will down then all applicaitons too. Another you should findout what is the current workload and cofiguration of each server, so that a new server should be capable of holding all workload. — I would not prefer to create an extra db for just saving subscriber information/security/login informations. but incase you want a masterdb kind of structure that segregate user’s request and redirect, then it can be used. Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind