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Netapp storage recommendation

Hi there We are going to have a Netapp storage that will server all our databases, while each database is a client host database. The storage includes about 50 disks on 4 racks. I thought about configuring it on RAID 10 and RAID 5 for writing and reading, respectively, and only for database files. As for the transaction logs, I thought about putting then each on the server local disk (raid 1) because I don’t want all transaction logs to be on the storage since I will loose the benefit of sequential access. Is this a correct attitude?. Is it preferable to put the T-logs on the local disk, if you know that you have many databases and that there isn’t a separate disk for each of them in the storage? If this is not good, what is the preferable way to consolidate many transaction log on a storage?

Hi Aviel, I sure you would have visited these links , but thought of relaying it again Cheers