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Hello all, I’m a newbie DBA. From what I gather, it is best to create backup files locally and then copy them to a centralized location, rather than specifying a UNC address as the backup directory. (Potential network slowdowns?) I was wondering if there was a way to automate this process and still retain my "database maintenance plan" jobs? I suppose I could create my own transaction log and db backup jobs, but I was hoping to find a way just to append a "copy files" step without messing up the ability to edit the maintenance plan via the wizard. I really would like the "copy files" step to be triggered by the completion of a backup process. Any suggestions? Regards, Eric
Why not use Log shipping as defined here which will ease up your involvement in maintaining the warm standby for the databases. Satya SKJ
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Sorry, I wasn’t clear on my intent: I essentially would like to copy the BAK/TRN files to a central location so that our tape library only has to look in one location for the database backup files of all our database servers.<br /><br />Currently, we have our "mission-critical" databases on an active-passive cluster with a SAN, but we have a bunch of "utility" database servers floating around that are being backed up remotely via an Arcserve agent…which doesn’t seem to be very efficient.<br /><br />I reckon getting them centralized will save us some agent license costs, as well as make it easier on the network folks who manage the tape library.<br /><br />(I am, however, considering log shipping for another issue. [<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;)‘ />])<br /><br />