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Network Monitor

Hi I have a windows 2000 HP-Compaq Server (Proliant ML530) which I have installed the Windows 2k windows component: Network monitor. However I still cannot see the Network Interface object in performance monitor. Does anyone have any ideas why this is ? BTW, the network card in my server is a NC7770. I have looked all over the HP site and all it says is the Network monitor is enabled or disabled by the software. Coincidently, I can the install enabled the Network Monitor application which I can use and view the network traffic in and out of my server. However, like i said, the perfmon monitor object and counters are not being displayed. Regards
i am not aware that network monitor prevents access to the perfmon network counters try accessing the performance counters on a different machine with the same network card
then, consider try reinstalling the network drivers

Ok. Found the solutions thanks to Igor Karasik on the HP Forums. I needed to use exctrlst.exe to enable the counter.