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New box arrived, pagefile config question…

Got our new 2005 box and ready to begin setup. Have some questions as I begin the project. 1. Where would you put the pagefile, logical 1,2, or even 3?<br />2. Should the pagefile go on a seperate partition than OS, logs or backups to prevent fragmentation?<br /><br /><br />Hardware:<br />Dell 2950<br />1 x Quad Core 2.66<br />16GB 533 RAM (2GB x <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-11.gif’ alt=’8)’ /><br />Dual Port Fiber (4GB but connecting to 2GB SAN. 1 card x 2 cables)<br /><br />Local Disk:<br />Logical 1 – 2 x 73GB 15K SAS RAID 1 (OS and possibly page file)<br />Logical 2 – 4 x 146GB 15K SAS RAID 5 (logs and backups, possibly page file)<br /><br />IBM DS4300 SAN:<br />Logical 3 – 10 x 146GB 15K FC RAID 5 or 10 (tempdb and actual databases)<br /><br />Software:<br />Server 2003 64bit EE<br />SQL 2005 64bit EE<br />
put the page file on Logical 1, with the OS
there should be nearly no activity to C: it pains me to see a pair of good 15K drives squandered on the OS & page, but its only a couple of hundred bucks over 10K drives
I originally quoted it with 10k and our rep gave us 15k for the same cost, can’t turn that down. Just means they had too much markup anyway. I have seen some people put the pagefile on a seperate partition to avoid fragmentation, have you seen anything like this?
people are too obsessed with fragmentation
if you have a 20G file fragmented into 2 10GB pieces
it will show on the defrag tool as a big red thing
but is it going to hurt you? not! if you install the OS, it will probably make a 2G page file,
if you then try to expand it, it may end up fragmented it recently found out that the OS is dumping too much stuff into C:
all the uninstall stuff, so 20G quickly runs out
if you make the full 67GB for C:there should be space for either 2 or 16G page
i really don’t see the point of a 16G page
most of memory is for SQL data cache which does not get dumped to page in fact, i just looked at the System dump: it used to be full memory
now it is just kernel