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new server config question

Does anyone know if SQL 2000 Standard will run ok on the 64bit Xeon processors? The OS will be Windows 2003 Standard. I don’t think either the OS or SQL are 64bit so I don’t know if this will run as well as on the older xeon processors. Thanks for any help in this matter.
Yes it will work and I don’t see any reason for not working in this set. You will have more advantage and usage of more than 2GB memory on this type of servers.
Recognizing the advantages of delivering Workgroup and Standard Editions for small to medium-sized companies, Dell Inc. today announced it will be the first vendor to agree to offer Workgroup Edition and Standard Edition for both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 prepackaged. It is the best combination of Dell PowerEdge Servers with 64-bit Intel Xeon processors and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. And we need to wait until the SQL 2K5 is released with full version. Satya SKJ
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