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New server to bay

helo, sorry for my bad english, We have to bay a new server to run two databasis with about 75 users for each database, about 150 simultan connections. We think to take sql 2005 64bit,
windows 2003 stadard edition 64bit,
two xeon 3.6 ghz or opteron 254 processor,
8 GB of ram.
2 hard disk raid 1 for the OS and database backup
2 hard disk raid 1 for the first database
2 hard disk raid 1 for the second database.
Is this configuration ok? Now whe are runnig our two databases on a
HP tc 4100 server with:
sql 2000
windows 2003 standard edition,
2 pentium III processors at 1.5 ghz
4 gb ram,
2 hard disk raid 1 for the OS
2 hard disk raid 1 for the two databases
1 hard disk for the backup
I don’t like to have backup in same box. The rest sound good for me.
Luis Martin
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thank you for your reply, we also make a copy of the backup on a oder server ad than on a tape every day.
without knowing your actual needs
i think it is a very bad practice to order systems with so few disk drives,
suppose you are sticking with HP, ie, considering either the Proliant DL380 (Xeon) or DL385
both of these hold 6-8 internal drives, depending on SCSI or SAS versions disregard disk capacity and focus on disk performance, which means have as many disk drives as practical.
do not let some idiot tell you to buy the big 146GB 15K or 300GB 10K drives,
buy either the 36G 15K or 73GB 10K drives.
do not let the same idiot tell you to buy a SAN unless you have nearly unlimited budget. i would strongly suggest the 6-8 internal drives plus 1 rack of 10-14 drives (10 drives for the 1U MSA50 SFF SAS drives, 14 drives for the 3U MSA30 DB, for the MSA 30, only consider the dual bus model, not the single) put atleast 6-8 drives in the external disk array. if SAS, a single P600 controller is probably OK,
if SCSI, spread the disks over a total of 3-4 SCSI channels, i.e. get an extra Smart Array dual channel controller, i d o think it is kind of cheesy of HP to only include a single SCSI channel on their integrated RAID controller, which is essentially a worthless inclusion for a DL380/385 class platform