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New SQL server – need ideas

Hello, I am trying to come up with the best possible SQL server for our company and would appreciate any help and guidance you can provide. The program we use is a transactional DB that will have 150+ simultaneous connections. Mostly touchpad#%92s that transmit and update information in the database. Plus another 25-30 workstations that will be adding, creating, and running reports.
Our database currently is less than 10gb but that will likely double in size soon.
Mostly we are concerned about performance and redundancy. We cannot afford for this server to ever be down. After researching, the server I have come up with is, 2-4 processors
6-10 GB ram
Windows 2003 with SQL 2000 standard (we may be getting Enterprise)
Duel network ports
2 or 4 raid controller cards (depends on what you recommend)
The controller cards would be HP 6402/512mb
Four independent raid configurations using SCSI 15K disks (Is SATA a good option)
Raid 0+1 for MDF 4 x 72gb drive
Raid 1 for LDF – 2 x 36gb drive
Raid 1 for TEMPDB – 2 x 36gb drive
Raid 1 for OS and SQLBACKUP – 2 x 146gb drive We are an HP shop in regards to our servers, so that may limit our options. I hope not. Is this a good configuration? It requires 10 disks and most servers only hold 8 internal.
Adding on additional storage is possible to most HP servers, but does that create a bottle neck point using SCSI to the storage array and having multi raid#%92s in the array?
Getting 4 raid backplanes is a concern… Plus, if we had to use 8 drives, what would you recommend changing? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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