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Hello everyone,
what does everyone recommend as far as books and resources for a very jr. sql admin. I’m fairly new to this arena and wanted some recommmedations from the experts.
thanks in advance.
In terms of basic admin you’d be hard pressed to beat Books Online which comes with SQL Server, it’ll tell you how to do everything you need to do, and save you $. I have never spent money on admin manuals, I don’t think there’s any need. Best way to learn is get yourself a test machine and play with it, and read up Books Online. For more detailed stuff + internals, Kalen Delaney’s book Inside SQL Server 2000 is excellent. Tom Pullen
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Also read articles in this forum.
Luis Martin
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Look for Techmedia’s SQL Server unleashed series as well, which is a good start in addition to the books online. Satya SKJ
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thanks everyone! much appreciated!
I usually refer Books On-Line, Inside SQL Server. Btw, go through this article /*–SKChandra–*/