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Newbie Question (embarassing)

Hey, I am learning SQL and I found that my microsoft office XP Pro Corporate cd had Microsoft SQL 2000 Server on it, so i installed it and was planning on following my book’s instructions while actually doing the work in the program. My only problem is that i dont know how to start writing any scripts or anything. SO my question is: what do i do to start programming in SQL? Where do i go to find the microsoft sql 2000 program executable, or is there not one? Any help would be very appreciated. thank you.
Explore the CD, and you should find an sql directory. Not much help I know, but I believe it should be there somewhere. Once installed, youd typically use Enterprise Manager (EM) for an overview of your databases. Create a database from here, and also create and design your tables, primary keys etc. Query Analyser (QA) is what youd typically use to run ad-hoc queries and to experiment with T-SQL. Both QA and EM are on the SQL Server start menu after installing.
Valid points by Chappy, also refer to the books online which will be installed alongwith SQL Server installation. You can use as a first hand help and this forum is always available to resolve any issues. Explore this website for more tips and tricks. Good luck. Satya SKJ

I understand how overwhelmed you can be when first starting out. And keep in mind, there are no such things as embarassing questions. All questions are valid. You might want to explore some of the book reviews on this website and get one designed for beginners. You have a long learning curve ahead of you, but SQL Server is worth the effort to master. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
Start with the Wrox Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming. One of the greatest computer books I have ever bought.
True, couple of Wrox publications are worth referring for newbie (I believe) Satya SKJ