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Newbie – Which services to start ?

Hi I am new to SQL Server 2005 (using Standard, SP1 version on W2k3STDSP1). I would like to know what services should be set to auto-start and with which credentials. There are a few reasons for asking:- 1. I would just like to know to get it right (!) 2. I have seen some information elsewhere which I need to clarify – for example, an article said that ADHelper did not need to be auto-started, just Manual with Domain Account and that SQL would start services itself if and when needed and then stop – is this true ?, I have the same question for the SQL VSS service. 3. I intend to use 2 types of deployment for SQL Server:- a. Build standalone SQL Server with LocalSystem account to run general tests. Image-deploy this to other servers, join Domain and change SQL Services to appropriate(?) Domain accounts. OR b. Install SQL Server on member server (already on Domain so that I can setup Domain Accounts), image-deploy this to other servers which are attached to indentical-SID Domain Controllers (and remove/add to Domain and/or refresh/reset Domain account credentials on SQL services if necessary ??). …are either of the deployment techniques okay ?
Please could someone enlighten me. Thanks Tomhass
Update – I have seen that SQL 2000 boxes have AD Helper set to Manual so I have set it this way for SQL 2005 also. I am still not sure about the other questions though 🙁