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no job history

Why would I have a longer job history for some jobs, but on certain jobs, job history gets overwritten everytime job runs?
When you create a new job, last tab ask how long do you want to keep history. If you don´t check, there is no history day after day. Luis Martin
then can I modify this setting after the job has already been created? or i have to drop and create the job again?
Using EM you can modify any job. Look Managment in EM, jobs, rick click on job, properties. Luis Martin
You can use SP_PURGE_JOBHISTORY from QA which removes the history records for a job. By default 1000 rows are set for a job to write history about that job.
As suggested by Luis set the max sizes for Maximum job history log size (rows) & Maximum job history rows per job from EM. Satya SKJ
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