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Non-SysAdmin Job step proxy account madness

I’m getting a most strange error setting up one of the above. Setup is as follows. SQL 2000 SP3
SQL Server is running in a startup account (local admin with sysadmin role)
SQL Agent is running in the same startup account
builtinadministrators deleted Now this all works fine as you would expect but when I try to set a proxy account so that my sql jobs can execute DTS packages I get a problem. I enter the same user details that work fine for running services in and get the following error. ERROR START
Unable to set the SQL Agent proxy account because of the reason listed below. ‘Error executing extended stored procedure: Specified user cannot login’
ERROR END So I set about creating the same setup on my test box and that works exactly as you would expect without any bother at all. SQL Agent was running quite happiily using a proxy account before I deleted builtinadministrators (I had to wait weeks for a domain account to run SQL in from my IT department so I couldn’t delete this previously). I’ve therefore re-created builtinadministrators to see if that helps but it doesn’t. I’ve found a few posts on various forums about this problem but nobody has been able to fix it as far as I can tell.

Looks like a permission error. Have you changed accounts lately so that the accounts doesn’t have the necessary rights any longer? I have a file where it says the service accounts needs the following rights: Act as part of the operating system
Increase quotas
Log on as a batch job
Log on as a service
Replace a process level token This might be for SQL 7 though so check in BOL. There should be details there. /Argyle