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not SQL Server based

It is not an SQL Server based question, but I need some help, I am not getting any proper site for clearing this problem. I am using VB, SQL Server and Crystal Report 9. When i am trying to create a textobject on crystal report I am getting an error -2147189571 (80047cbd); "creation feature not enabled" Kindly give me a solution or link of information.
Are you creating a report using some VB Control or report exist and you are asigning an SQL to the report?
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I am creating a new report, I have not connected to any database or given any SQL to the report, I just want to put a textobject supplied by the crystal report on a new report. Like I can show the matter I like, on this textobject. I don’t need any connection info or SQL to run this report. The crystal report 9 supplies a method "AddTextObject" on it’s section objects. here is an example of code I just trying to run With Me
With .DetailSection1
.AddTextObject "Joby", 0, 0, True
End With
End With ”” With me (here me is the report object in designer object’s collection of the VB)
quote:creation feature not enabled
Licensing issue most likely. Check this Crystal Reports KB article:] Nathan H.O.