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Object Explorer and Active Jobs

How do you find out the status of a particular job? In SQL 2000, I would simply go to SQL Agent, and the click on jobs. It would like all of the jobs with their current status. All I see in 2005 is a summary of the jobs without a way to sort or see the status. What am I missing?
Could anyone point me to a place that could help with questions like this?
Personally I don’t like post without answers.
I’ve installed 2005 and after some research, almost of SQLAgent funtions are not implemented yeat. Only history jobs. No way to see if running or not.
So, you are missing nothing. HTH Luis Martin
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I’ve posted this question a while ago in MS SQL Server 2005 news group http://communities.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.asp?icp=sqlserver2005&slcid=us) and the answer I got was something like, they are still working on it and will be available in future beta releases.
Its still on the BETA and more features to come, in general you can use the statement SP_HELP_JOB or SP_HELP_JOBHISTORY for information. Satya SKJ
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