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What kinds of applications are good to use ODBC data access
and what kinds of applications are good to use OLE DB data access? please give me some examples and deep explanation. Thanks in advance
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With the advent of ADO.NET and SQL Server 2005, choosing between ODBC and OLEDB is no longer the question. If you are using a programming language (environment) for your front-end application that does NOT support ADO.NET (or the System.Data.SqlClient namespace specifically), you may find that your fallback options will be ADO (on OLEDB) and then ODBC in that order. The choice is usually dependant on the availability of an OLEDB provider or ODBC driver for the back-end database. But if your question is more academic than contemporary (or practical), you may find these articles useful: 1.http://www.dbmsmag.com/9604d53.html
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