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ODBC Error

Does anyone have a basic troubleshooting guide for ODBC errors between an application and a SQL Server Database? The Eror reads somewhat like this: An ODBC Error was encountered. DETAILS:
Vendor: Microsoft
Driver: ODBC SQL Server Driver
State:01000 (textbox)——————————–
(this was a screenshot, so it looks like there was more information in the text box above this information)
MDateTime<=1163440355 Last ODBC Command:
Function: SQLExecute() —————————————– This started happening when we virualized the server with the SQL Server on it. Thank you in advance for any help. Joe Janka
What I want to say is, Test your database services first.
Test your TCP port, Firewall ——————
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What do you mean you’ve virtualized the server with sQL Server?q Satya SKJ
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