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ODBC problem

When I click the system DSN tab in ODBC data source administrator..i am unable to see
none of my system dsn..when i checked the registry all were there ,but why they are not showing under
the system dsn tab.Till yesterday everything was fine
When I create new dsn it is showing under the system dsn.I am wondering where are the privious dsn.How can I get them back

Test the application using that invisible DSN. If it doesnot run, there is chance that they might be deleted
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What version of MDAC do you have? Have you installed anything on this server lately? We used to have this issue on old versions of MDAC. I haven’t seen it occur though since MDAC 2.8 SP1 Refresh. If you try to create one with the EXACT name as one of the old ones that should fail. Try that, and let us know how it goes. MeanOldDBA
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The applications are running fine with our any issue