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# of Rows discrepance in Table properties

Hello, I remember seeing a post here a while back related to this, but I am not able to remember the fix or find the post. I am testing a process that delivers exactly 6422 rows to an empty table with two software solutions. They both deliver the exact amount of data, they both are dlivering 6422 identical rows. However, when I go into one of the table properties, it says the table has only 6399 rows. I updated statistics and it still says 6399 rows?? I am looking at the table properties in Enterprise Manager. Does anyone know why the table properties show a discrepancy, how I can fix this so the table shows the # of correct rows, etc? Thanks. Rodney
dbcc updateusage(0)
Thanks, Argyle! It worked. Is it okay to include this in my execution of the weekly update statistics? Should I run this stored procedure before or after I update stats? Thanks.
If you run DBCC DBREINDEX then it should be updated too and keep in mind if you’re running UPDATEUSAGE on a large table then it may takeup some time to update. Anyways no issues in using in production database. Satya SKJ
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