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Hi… What do u mean by OLAP server? What is the difference between OLAP and OLTP? SURYA
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In a nutshell the difference is that OLAP is about analyzing/reading data, whereas OLTP is about processing/writing/updating the raw transactions. So for example an ATM machines processes your transaction by using an OLTP server somewhere to verify your account, process the transaction etc. Meanwhile some manager in an office uses an OLAP server to produce a report showing how much cash has been withdrawn throughout different locations in the world to see if there are any trends that might drive the business. At some point the raw data from the OLTP systems are transferred to the OLAP servers and ‘summarized’ in some way. Meaning the manager doesn’t care that you withdrew $50 on January 1, from your checking account. He only cares about the total amount of cash deposited/withdrawn from the machine for the entire week/month/year etc. Hope this helps,
OLTP is the environment where you do lot of processing on tables like INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE and have triggers. Whereas OLAP is created based on OLTP where data is stored to do Trend Analysis such Data Warehousing such as to make any decision based on DATA.
In OLAP you can not expect data changes evry minute as then you can not make any decision.
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