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opteron 8 way?

We are looking at buying an 8way dual core opteron system. None of the big name vendors are selling this configuration yet. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a vendor that they have used before that is selling this? Bert Corderman
do you mean 8 sockets each with the dual core cpu, or 4 sockets with dual core cpu, for a total of 8 cores?
the traditional X86 server vendors (HP) only have systems for 4 sockets, that might support dual core cpu when they become available, it is not uncommon for the vendor validation phase to run 6-9 months even though AMD says the dual cpu is available. i believe Sun will launch an 8 socket platform in the near future, but you will probably be on your own for Windows OS, you may even have to write your own HAL

Eight socket dual core. I havent seen any large vendors yet. But I have found small places. For example http://www.pcsforeveryone.com/article.php?art_id=103 We are looking for a high end system and woudl love to get any 8 socket dual core system. Lets you have 16 cores without needing the dataceneter version of SQLServer Bert
there is no datacenter for SQL Server, only Windows. i believe the 16 CPU license is 16K, ie, the same as a single proc license for SQL.
i do not believe HP has plans to offer such a system, not sure about ibm
i think sun may offer such a system in the future, and i was suprised that they do support Windows
quote:Originally posted by joechang there is no datacenter for SQL Server, only Windows.

yes…thats what I ment to say datacenter windwos version. We have to go with the service provider liscense from Microsoft…. this makes datacenter very expensive.
We might get one of the boxes I linked to above to test it out. I’ll let you know how it goes if I do. Thanks again

an important point if you decide to go more than 4 cores, not every sql operation scales well beyond 2P, some even have negative scaling.
i talked about this in some of my slides on this web site
Bertcord,<br /><br />Funny how our paths cross <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /><br /><br />We are also looking into an 8P opteron box. From my research it seems Iwill makes an architecture that allows this, about 7 manufacturers are currently shipping products based on it. Verari, HPC Systems, Think Computer Products, Microway, and PogoLinux are some examples of people advertising this product.<br /><br />They support 128G of ram and up to 8 processors (16 cores if you were to go with dual core). <br /><br />I have quotes from three of the above vendors who say these systems are available (caveat, the dual core procs are not yet in the distribution channels). <br />
Windows Enterprise only gives you 8GB before you have to go to DataCenter right?
That is true for Windows 2000, but 2003 supports more memory for a given product, and 2003 x64 edition supports more yet (something like 1TB for Windows 2003 Enterprise x64).

Lots of storage and big servers!!! Our windows guy was looking at getting some of the 8ways for this super large customer we have coming online. I was a bit concerned myself. I am also a bit of a PC hobbyist myself and I know what can happen when you are the first on the block with the brand new motherboard. We ended up going with some Dell 6850’s for now. But we are ordering one of the Dual core 8 to start testing on. The systems guy is out but I will find out the vendor we are going with and let you know. I am very curious as to the performance of one of these boxes as this will be our first AMD server.

If you do purchase an 8p opteron box, let me know who you go with (I will do the same). We should swap invoices & benchmarks. We have some 4-way Opteron 852 (2.6ghz) servers on site, I’d be happy to run some benchmarks if you like.