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I have an Order by clause in a select into statement. however i create a clustered index on that table immediately with the columns that i give in the order by clause.
My question is, Does removing the order by clause affect anywhere wherever i use that table?
The statement i wrote is given below… SELECT IDENTITY(INT, 1, 1) AS ABC,
‘C’ AS InheritedPriceCode
INTO dbo.Table2
FROM dwFOODS.dbo.Table1 ccp
WHERE ccp.StartDateID <> -1
ccp.ProductID CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX IX_Index1 ON dbo.Table2 (SupplierSeriesNumber, ProductID) Thanks,
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Check this out:http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;273586
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Interesting topic link, Frank! In any case, you should never rely on the order of values on an identity column to carry any meaning. Also, you must always use an ORDER BY clause to get an ordered resultset. Without it, you may get an ordered resultset, but only by accident.
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Thanks Frank. That was very interesting. Thanks,
Ram "It is easy to write code for a spec and walk in water, provided, both are freezed…"