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Orphaned processes

I have a strange problem with orphaned processes. My environment is as follows: IIS on Win2k Server
SQL Server 2000 I am using a VB6 COM object to access the Database from IIS.
I am using ODBC not OLEDB. The problem I am having is that regardless of the fact that I close my record sets and my connections the processes, sometimes, do not get closed and I end up with dozens of processes that are days or weeks old. I have checked and re-checked the COM and the ASP code but everything seems to be correct. Is it possible that if a page fails to process completely and hence not close either the recordset of connection that these processes remain open? What else could cause this problem assuming that the close and set ? = nothing statements are being executed. Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi you should check the .close again maybe you forgot to closeconnection somewhere. if assume close and set = nothing is correct then it must close the connection there shouldn’t be a problem with sql2000 May the best cheaters win
The close and shutdown proceedures for the connections and COM object do work most of the time just not all the time.
http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;137983 – take help from this KBA about orphaned connections. Satya SKJ
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