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Out of virtual memory

we have sql server and application installed on one machine
All 10 or 15 users have connect to this sql server using mapped drive to
application installation
The front end is freesing very ofter than i have to rebook mashine . I suggested them to install front end on their mashines not to map drive
to sql server box thinking that it is virtual memory problem Am i right?
Have you looked at performance monitor to see how much of your paging file is being used? How big is your paging file? When the front-end freezes, is SQL Server still running? The best thing to do is setup a performance monitor trace, so you can capture what’s going on. If you could get the application off there, it would be priceless. If not, answer the following for us: What is the memory configuration on SQL Server?
Are you using dynamic memory configuration?
Have you set a max size?
Is it possible for you application to use more than you have allowed? Do you have the SQL Server priority boosted?
If you do and you are going to continue running the application, turn it off. Do you have any errors in the eventlog under system or application when it locks up? Do you have plenty of room on your hard drive? What is the size of your paging file? What is your processor averaging when this is happening? Derrick Leggett
Today users called me complaining about frosen screen.
I started perf.monitor and after 30 min server just shut down.
Users said it usually happens I look at the monitor results that was started right before shutdown
and got this Memory pag/sec avg=8.6 (ranges from 0 to 23)
Available bytes min=600 Mb
Disk %disktime avg=0,05
Disk Avg.queue lent avg=0.005
processort % proccessor time avg=2.6
Proccessor Queue Lenght avg=11 min =18
Sql Server 2000 sp3 Standart addition
Memory = 2304G (Dynamicly configure min 0 max=2011)
2 processors
No boost priority to SQL Virtual memory: C: space available 3403
Initial size=2046
max 4092
Drives space: c:=1.3 G
e:9 G
F:183 G No error in event log Only warning that
last shutdown was unexpected. I have no idea how much memory this application takes.
But if 15 sumultenious users mapping drives to that sql server to
run this app from that location isn’t it like 15 processes runing
on that mashine?
If users are mapping drives to a server and then running an executable on that drive, then the process would run in the client computer and not on the server… The worrying figure above is the CPU queue length, especially with hardly any paging and 2.6 processor usage… I can’t think of any particular reason off the top of my head. I’d suggest that you run a perfmon trace when you start the server so that you can get a picture of the server’s entire cycle from birth to death… Processor %user
Processor %kernel
memory pages/sec
memory available bytes
Phys Disk Current Queue Length
Phys Disk %Disk Time
System Processor Queue Length
Net Int Bytes Transmitted/sec
Net Int Bytes Received/sec
Process (choose all processes individually and not just _Total), all counters Interval 15 sec. This should give you a decent log to analyse Cheers
Have you pulled up Task Manager to see if this shows up in there. Click on all users and see if it shows more than one process when you have multiple users using it. If so, each one will require it’s own memory space and is operating as a seperate process. You definitely need to also do the long-term traces like Twan said. I would also bring this server down one night and do a hardware diagnostic on it, especially the processors. The queue length is horrible. When was the last time you performed a hardware diag? Also, what does your processors average throughout the day? Surely it’s not around 2.6%. Derrick Leggett
If the current queries are having frequent performance hit then take help of PROFILER to dig out the cause by submitting trace to index tuning wizard. As this leans towards h/w issue so better follow as suggested by Twan by taking PERFMON help. And also test by setting memory to DYNAMIC instead of min & max values set. Satya SKJ
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I changed memory to min 0 and max =2304 I don’t know how to check all users in task manager:could be more specific?
Also noticed that the problematic program has connect through named pipes when i look in current activity
Is that a problem?

Have you tried using TCP/IP as default netlib on server and same on client? Satya SKJ
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.
OK I was able to install program on all users pc. No mapped drive any more SQL is only sql But why do you say that if they map the drive to install on SQL app
then it’s mean that they run app only on their computer
isn’t the mapping by itself take resources?
When you map a drive letter to a server, it is only used for storage. So when the user runs the exe, it is loaded from the server, into the client machines process space. It takes no resources of the server to provide this, other than that of the disk read and network transfer. What speed is your network, could this be a bottleneck ?
Have you checked locking? Frozen screens are often a sign of blocking.
no locking there .
that was first thing i checked.
Network transfer =100mb Also when i look in task manager total ->>handes=8 610 569
Assure on the point of service pack level on SQL Server & OS and ensure similar versions are used between clients and server too. Is it a third party application?
If so contact vendor for any lead on this behaviour. Satya SKJ
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Yes it’s third party app.
I contacted vendor but after conversation with them I realized
that they wouldn’t be much help.
I they do not have a DBA only developers.

THen its better to excavate from your side and if possible add-up more physical memory to the SQL.
Also maintain regular schedule of db maintenance plans for performance. BTW, confirm Service pack levels. Satya SKJ
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.
Do they have COM objects or other programs running on the SQL server? A longer term trace should show any problems in terms of memory leaks, etc.<br /><br />Once you have a perfmon log with the counters mentioned above then you can have a good look through what is there, alternatively you’re more than welcome to send it to me by email (although zip it up if you can <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /> ) email address can be found by clicking on my name to the left of this note<br /><br />Cheers<br />Twan
There is no facility in displaying User’s email address in the forum, its possible only after they get reply from you after sending email from the forum.[8D] Satya SKJ
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.
ah ok, well if you want to contact me then use the forum to send me an email <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /><br /><br />Cheers<br />Twan
It’s been two weeks already once I installed The program on each Client
instead of users to connect through mapped drives to installation on SQL Server
box. No more complains!!! So I guess it was network problem.
Plus I by myself never saw in logs "out of virtual memory" error message.
I just was told that this is the error. So I guess users was making it up ,maybe.
And the real problem was network ability to transfer certain amout of bytes.
Thank you so much for helping to resolve this issue that ,as I heard
existed already 6 month.