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Package invoked from Stored Proc

I have a package which executes the latest version upon right clicking within MSDB. If I were to call this from a Stored Procedure, an older version is executed. I have deleted this package from MSDB, deleted the files from binDeployment folder , rebuild..still doesn’t work.
Appreciate any help on this.

Package fails at ForEach File loop with the following:
Description: The For Each File enumerator is empty
And still works with no issue if right clicked on the package and selected Run package.

check the security of the directory used for file enumeration. Be sure that user has permission on that directory.
I have checked security and is good.
This package enumerates thru files , imports the data into a staging table and runs a Stored proc against this data. I’m using xp_cmdshell and have successfully configured a proxy account for non sysadmin user to run it.
My test package runs without any issues which references the same folder as production to enumerate files from.

in foreach loop editor , select collection -> select fully qualified in the "reterive file name" Run the shell command from dos , for testing. test with shared name for the directory.
Can you post you shell command ?


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