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package to scheduled job disconnect

The package has 15 DTS 2000 tasks that execute sequentially, depending on 15 successes. The 15th task then invokes 11 more DTS 2000 tasks simultaneously which each invoke a mail task on their success. The package is saved as part of a project. The entire package is successful executing within Visual Studio — 37 green boxes. I move the package as file system .dtsx to my database as a stored package within MSDB and then schedule it as a job via SQL Agent invoking the MSDB stored package. The package has a log file referenced in the scheduled job for errors and diagnostics while each of the 26 Transforms Data Tasks within the DTS 2000 packages writes to a fully qualified exception file on my server. The log and exception files have valid data when the package runs in Visual Studio but the exception files are untouched when the job fails and the log only references one of the 11 dependent steps with a job failed message. SQL tables are updated and files created from the Visual Studio execution but nothing is created when the job fails. I am assuming there is a disconnect with the way I am moving the package to the scheduled job but I don’t know what the problem is. Can anyone help? Den
For such extensive looping of DTS packages you need to control the error handling & package behaviour on error, also check under that particular DTS package for the failure and on more information about why it has failed. Satya SKJ
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