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I’m receiving a lot of PAGEIOLATCH_SH wait types when writing data. It occurs on different activities such as a simple table to table insert or populating of a full-text catalog. I used performance monitor and the PhysicalDisk %Idle hovers around 100 and the Avg. Disk Write Queue Length is low. I am not seeing any locks and the tables do not have any kind of triggers on them and I’ve tried removing the indexes. I did a comparison between my an older server and my new server. I used the same exact version of SQL Server 2005, the same DB/TBL structure, the same data, and performed the same actions (inserts and population of catalogs). My older server is about 2/3 the machine my new server is and it out performed my new server by 7%. The only difference I saw was that my older server spent a lot more time writing and my new server spent a lot more time suspended with PAGEIOLATCH_SH waits. Are there any considerations to check for? I’m guessing my next step would be to check for disk subsystem problems or driver issues? How would I go about this? Thank you, Shaun
Is query execution time highier than the old server?
Does both servers generating same query plan? Try diabling parallalism or reduce the no. of CPUs to use. Mohammed.
Are the both servers similar to each other?
If you are looking the differences in SQL 2000 & 2005, then it is not right I think, also check the disk & data file setup in this case in addition what Mohammed referred above. Satya SKJ
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