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Hi, I want to use parameter and would like get result like this I have access file that has linked tables of oracle database. I am trying to create prameter but oracle doesn’t like named parameter so I am trying to use " ? " as parameter. I have query similier to following: select user_NM, user_Id, Address
from user
where user_NM like ? but it doesn’t work that way. how can i put ? or parameter to act such i can look for any thing such as if i type A then it should give me everything with starting or has A in name? thanks Thanks!!
I believe you have to use linked server mechanism to extract values from a oracle database. Satya SKJ
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what i have is access database that has linked tables from oracle. Now i create data source in reporting service that will have access to the access database. and i am creating report. But i am trying to use parameter in the reports that will help me to search for any string in to database using ? parameter. but i want ti make it as that i can search for any letter such as if i type ABS in parameter text box then it would give me all the name that contains ABS just like like function in SQL. but i don’t know in in this matter what to use? thanks Thanks!! Thanks!!